No longer dealing in bitcoins (BTC)

http://bitmit.net is being sold / transferred by its original company

Inputs.IO had 4100 coins compromised

Mining BTC is HARD

Mining Altcoins is no longer profitable for me (power costs etc)

These are just some of the reasons I am stopping the use of BTC. I may occasionally get involved, but out of interest and as a learning experience, rather than for profit.
I cashed in a few coins myself, for a reasonable profit, and that's fine by me. It was fun learning at the same time.

Thanks to the big ASIC miners, bitcoin mining has now moved over to the people with money to spend. Yes it may still be worth holding on to a few BTC, the price is probably going to increase, hopefully others will still stay interested and not drop out the market due to afford-abilities like I have.

Anyone still dealing in BTC, good luck in your adventure.