Microsoft Surface Service - Yellow Screen

So, i had a surface that was 10 weeks old, that had started to go yellow on the right hand side near the charging port, a few googles later led me to assume this was heat damage from charging.
Still covered by Microsoft`s manufacturer warranty, i registered with https://myservice.surface.com/ and went through the process and booked it with screen damage.

I then got a print out packaging label for UPS, stick your surface in a box, and stick the packaging label on. Drop it off to a UPS location (you will need photo ID), and wait.

I was a bit worried about doing it, just posting a surface pro to some random address on a printout label but went for it anyway.

Two days later, a new surface arrived in a little box, all ready for me to put all my stuff back on.

I used windows easy transfer to back up my data, and ensured all my settings were synced in the charms settings place.

Setting it back up to where it was took less than an hour, so overall, an excellent service from Microsoft, well done.