Leancy Scam. Cannot Withdraw

Leancy was an investment site, probably mainly focused on bitcoin, but accepted money investments as well.
Like many suspicious investment sites around in 2014, they over a fairly high ROI in a short period of time. This follows the patterns of ponzi schemes and such, and therefore should always been taken with caution.

The main issue now is that since 12 March 2014, people have been unable to make withdrawals. You can still make investments, although why would you want to if you can't withdraw...
Many people did get payouts from leancy, but that may just have been part of the trust building process.
IN my opinion, any site that deals with money like leancy does, and bitcoins and investments, should be able to get an issue such as this fixed within a day or so, not take a week.

Many have now lost trust in Leancy, so even if they do resolve the issue, the damage to the name is already there. Some people many invest, but hopefully they figure before that point.
We have to hope now that websites that had the adverts for leancy will try to find out from the owner, or simply stop displaying the ads for a site which just scams peoples coins and hard earned cash.

leancy scam no withdrawal site down

On a different note, I have been more successful with sites such as PBmining and receive regular payouts. The rates are significantly lower than CEX.IO and stand a chance of covering the investment.
Put some numbers in the calculators on the website and just look at your "potential returns". It's a loss on your original investment, you would have to make the BTC back buy buying and selling the GH/s on the market.