Google Plus Quick Start PHP 500 Error

So, i've started working with the Google Plus O-Auth stuff, which some quick start guides can be found here: https://developers.google.com/+/quickstart/php

It was going rather well initially, then I started getting some 500 errors which weren't appearing in the error log.

Now being an administrator has its benefits, as I went and checked the Apache logs to find the cause of this error.

Right, before you spend forever being tired, getting frustrated and rackin your brain at why it isn't working, think for a moment. 500 Errors are pretty much permission related issues.

The information you need: Change the permissions on your directory.
If your following demo code its this one:gplus-quickstart-php
Put it at a maximum of 555 (chmod 555 gplus-quickstart-php). Voila! Working.