Windows 10 Tech Preview Update to Build 9926

Recently Windows 10 updated to build 9926, which initially felt like the whole PC was being installed again.

It went through the whole 'We're getting things ready' and installing your apps and such as if its a fresh install / refresh. Anyway, I noticed some changes to the UI and thought i'd post up some screenshots.

Windows 10 Start Menu Build 9926

The new larger start menu

Windows 10 Start Screen Build 9926

The new start screen with sidebar

Windows 10 Start Screen Search Build 9926

The start search

Windows 10 Settings Build 9926

The new settings screen

Windows 10 Personalise screen Build 9926

The personalise screen

Windows 10 Display options Build 9926

Display Options

Windows 10 Storage Sense Build 9926

Storage Sense (I haven...

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AMD R9 BSOD / Black Screen

I recently purchased an AMD R9 290 and like many people I suffered the black screens and BSOD's after install.

AMD R9 290


After much digging and reading the tons of other people that experienced the same issue, I then completely removed the driver with the Guru3D Display Driver Uninstaller. I allowed it to restart my PC, I was then presented with a Windows logon screen, already further than various attempts before.

The next step was installing the latest Beta driver from AMD&nb...

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Zeroshell is Awesome

Zeroshell is awesome.

You can read more about Zeroshell here at http://www.zeroshell.org/.

I live in the UK and unfortunately am connected directly to a telephone exchange, this means no cabinet, and therefore no fibre broadband in the near future.

I've been using Zeroshell for some time now, but recently discovered that it could be used to create a VPN from my home with multiple internet connections to give me an increased bandwidth with failover setup

I have 2 20MB ADSL lines which for some is p...

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Windows 8.1 DNS Issue

Since upgrading to Windows 8.1, i've been having major DNS issues. On my PC, at work and on my Surface Pro.

Many other people also have the issue and have tried various things such as the following:

netsh winsock reset

or constantly having to

ipconfig /flushdns

Both of which only gave a temporary solution and would soon give me DNS errors again. I tried manual IP configurations, disabling IPV6 and trying fixed DNS such as Google or OpenDNS.

I then tried disabling the firewa...

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Google Domains

So, Google recently launched Google domains.

Copyright Google 2014 - Google domains image

It looks simple, the interface is clean, what more could we ask for?

Well from reading around, it doesn't look like Google will be offering hosting with the domains, so businesses offering hosting won't have to panic too much. But for all those companies offering domain registration, is google going to be cheaper and take all the business? Will google automatically be indexed higher when one searches for 'domains' or 'buy...

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Laravel and Laracasts

Recently I've been completing a Web Development BSc hons Degree, hence the lack of updates. The degree required the development of a dissertation / final year project. During the project I came across Laravel and Laracasts.

Laravel proved very useful within my project, the use of project dependencies with Composer made certain tasks such as PDF generation and testing much easier through development and with project deployment.

If you haven't tried Laravel yet, I would recommend it, especially if y...

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Ubuntu 13.10 error with libboost1.49-dev

I had many many errors trying to install libboost1.49-dev.

This resulted in not being able to update packages, make any other installs or software updates. Big Problem!

Errors such as
Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages

Unpacking libboost1.49-dev (from .../libboost1.49-dev_1.49.0-4_amd64.deb) ... dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libboost1.49-dev_1.49.0-4_amd64.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/bcp', which is...

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Leancy Scam. Cannot Withdraw

Leancy was an investment site, probably mainly focused on bitcoin, but accepted money investments as well.
Like many suspicious investment sites around in 2014, they over a fairly high ROI in a short period of time. This follows the patterns of ponzi schemes and such, and therefore should always been taken with caution.

The main issue now is that since 12 March 2014, people have been unable to make withdrawals. You can still make investments, although why would you want to if you can't withd...

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